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Lakoffs Article

According to Lakoffs article a liberal is a person that values liberty and equality whereas a conservative would value family values and fatherhood. After reading this article I would stick to seeing myself as a liberal. I think living in America we all should value equality the most and that’s what liberals do. Lakoff discussed many hot button issues but the one that is most commonly discussed is the topic of abortion. Being a liberal I believe that abortion is okay under certain circumstances. Lakoff says that conservatives are highly against abortion because they want to save the lives of unborn fetuses but yet they don’t want to provide adequate parenting programs and like he says that is very contradicting. I think that a woman should have a right to chose because she is the one carrying the baby. If a woman gets raped and ends up pregnant how is it her fault? What if she is only 16? Now if someone wants to get an abortion for no legit reason I could see it being wrong but if a 16 year old has a baby not only is she suffering but so will the baby because how can a 16 year old take care of another life? So not only is one life being ruined but two are. Another issue lakoff talked about is welfare. I am completely pro welfare. I think we should do everything we can to help fellow Americans who are in need. There are many less fortunate individuals in our country that need help and need education so why is it wrong for our government to provide welfare to help them? Providing welfare and education can help to increase the standard of living in our county. The last hot button issue in this article that stuck out to me was the fact that conservatives think that liberals are promoting AIDS. That is just ridiculous! Why would anyone want to promote AIDS? Liberals are in favor for researching to prevent AIDS. By passing out condoms liberals are not trying to promote teenage sex but instead are trying to caution them and telling them that if they do choose to be active then they should be safe so things like AIDS and STDS can be prevented. We cannot control what people do, if a teenager chooses to be sexually active it is their decision but it is our responsibility to caution them. Although I am a liberal I would like to say that I grew up in a very conservative household. According to Lakoff the Strict Father Model for conservatives is what I see my household to be like. My father is the working one and my mother is the stay at home mom who looks after the kids.  I think its interesting that I grew up in a conservative house yet I am still a liberal.


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